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Performance Medicine


The Performance Medicine Division specializes in optimizing your health, promoting rapid recovery and meeting you fitness goals.

Here you will find information on our products, services and how they can help achieve your goal. The quality and safety of our products surpass industry standards. We want you to have the best product to get the best results. Meeting with our physician in person or via Telehealth is simple and easy.


Injectable supplements have become more popular because of the ease of administration thru home self-administration kits. At PRAMAH we offer several injectable products to aid in optimizing your health and boosting performance.

Supplements have been the mainstay of boosting the body’s nutritional requirements for many years. When taken orally, they are first broken down in your mouth by your teeth and/or digestive enzymes. The process continues as food travels to the stomach and then the first part of the intestine where most of the remainder of digestion occurs. All of these intricate processes have to function properly to obtain the most out of what you eat or drink. In many cases, these steps are be broken, altered or diverted allowing the products to be lost. Even with the best of digestive processes, oral ingestion as compare to injection directly into muscle or fat can be significantly reduced resulting in a lot of money spent and little results.

IV infusions, intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (SQ) injections can offer a means of obtaining the body’s basic requirements and providing a better means of extra nutrients. With IV infusions 100% of the supplement is absorbed into the blood-stream with a large portion then being used by the body. IM injections then SQ injections are absorbed to a lesser degree but can be significantly better than oral pills, powders or liquids.

Boost Protein Synthesis, Reduce Fatigue


Replenish Lost Stores, Build Nutrition


Optimize Physical Ability


Energize. Lose Fat & Gain Muscle


Brain Function, Gut Health Boost & Repair

BPC 157

Decrease Body Fat & Waistline, Gain Muscle


Gain Flexibility & Muscle


Lose Weight, Gain Muscle & Improve Sleep