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Hair Restoration


Losing your hair at any age can be stressful. A variety of treatments can offer different results depending on the cause of hair loss and the severity. At PRAMAH we offer solutions for everyone from topical lotions, foams and creams to oral medication , PRP and Exosomes.

If you would like to learn more about these and other services or which one is right for you, please contact PRAMAH 813-284-0954 to schedule your FREE evaluation with Dr Michelle Gillespie our Board Certified Physician.


Hair loss is often a difficult and embarrassing issue for many men and women. Millions of men and women in the United States are currently experiencing some type of hair loss.

Typical approaches to hair loss many include the use of prescription medications and creams and surgery that may be costly, inconvenient and ineffective. At PRAMAH Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine, we take a different approach to improving the appearance of hair loss. We use the restorative properties of your own platelets to inject into the treatment areas to help you regrow healthier and stronger hair.

PRP therapy involves taking a small amount of blood from a patient’s arm. The blood will be separated into red blood cell and PRP components. Lastly the PRP component will be injected back into the patient using a microneedle.

PRP injections will help increase blood supply to hair follicles and increase the thickness of hair in treated areas. This treatment option is quick, offers little to no down time and is not painful. Patients will regrow their hair and feel more confident in as little as 1-3 treatments!


Exoflo by Direct Biologics

ExoFlo is an exosome allograft product isolated from human bone marrow MSCs. ExoFlo exosomes provide signaling proteins that modulate inflammation.

Exosomes are known to stimulate bioactivity and direct cellular communication. In topical applications, ExoFlo can help in the repair and reconstruction of tissue.

Exosomes have been shown better results than simple PRP. The procedure is similar but the exosomes come from and FDA monitored facility. Our exosomes come from a company called Direct Biologics. They are committed to patient safety.  The ExoFlo™ manufacturing process is performed under controlled, specified and validated current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) conditions that are compliant with the highest quality standards.

Direct Biologics employs tissue tracking and traceability and is a requirement of the FDA. Every tissue product is traceable back to the tissue donor and has strict donor acceptance criteria.

Treatment with Exosomes are not FDA approved