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Therapies and products that help combat the aging process by optimizing your health both inside and out.


The first anti-aging treatments are thought to have originated in the early 60’s BCE. Since it’s inception, it has come with varied opinion from good to bad. It’s no wonder why many continue to seek the proverbial “Fount of Youth”.

By definition, the term “anti-aging” describes a product or technique designed to prevent the appearance of growing older. Despite a large number of age-fighting products, there is still a tremendous amount of controversy regarding aging and weahter is only skin deep.

More and more studies are showing evidence that what we eat, our fitness, sleep and stress levels play a significant role in how we age. Like that of many others and the anti-aging world, slowing down the aging process and “aging gracefully” are a matter of nutrition, fitness and metabolic optimization.

Anti-aging is a broad term by which therapies are designed to fight the aging process. Many believe this is obtained by a healthier lifestyle by optimize nutrition, mental acuity, fitness and sleep.

At present despite significant research and studies, there are no proven ways to delay the aging process. In other words…as of today we are all going to get older. The major difference is the age of our body and mind despite our chronological age. Have you given any thought as to why a 90 year old women can play 3 rounds of golf a week but a 62 year old male walks with daily joint pain, home oxygen therapy and had 2 admissions to the hospital in one year? It is about what we can do or better said, how we can become a healthier person.


There are some ways to delay the signs of aging:

  • keeping out of the sun and putting on sunscreen can delay skin aging
  • eating a healthy diet to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • daily exercise to promote healthy lungs, heart function and weight
  • obtaining adequate sleep has an overwhelming effect on stress, depression, fatigue, and mental alertness


Hair restoration for men and women

  • Oral and topical products
    • Microneedling and PRP
    • Exosome therapy

Bio-identical hormones

  • oral, pellets or injections for replacement therapy, depression, fatigue, weight loss

Professional grade vitamins and supplements

  • Oral supplements through quality certified companies the Thorne
  • Injectable supplements through USA, FDA compounding pharmacies

Aesthetic treatments

  • Injectables for reducing wrinkles
  • Dermal fillers for correcting volume loss and adding definition
  • Laser skin resurfacing for
  • Facial rejuvenation with PRP and/or Exosomes

Joint injections for pain

  • Using PRP or Exosomes
  • Peptide therapy with BPC 157 and others

IV Therapy

  • Optimize nutrition and health with vitamin and minerals
  • Rid free radicals with NAD and other therapy

Chronic disease with Exosome

  • COVID-19 – now in stage II trials and approved by the FDA in August 2020 for Emergency Administration of COVID + Hospitalized Patients currently FREE of charge
  • COPD, Lyme’s Disease, Arthritis and more

Peptide treatments

  • healthy weight, build and regain muscle, optimize strength and agility,